July 26 – August 2

Join our McBee experts for a deep dive into QAPI & Value-Based Purchasing: The Perfect Match.

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QAPI & VBP: Enhancing Quality Through OASIS | July 26 | 1p.m. ET | 1.5 CEUs

OASIS accuracy has always been important but far too many agencies have concentrated their efforts on the payment items. Agencies are used to star rating quality measures, but the VBP calculations for the new TNC mobility and self-care composite measures include more OASIS items and can have a negative impact in their scoring. In this master class, gain a better understanding of the total normalized composite items for self-care and mobility and the ‘stand-alone’ items that will comprise 35% of your Total Performance Score. We’ll take a look at sample reports from CMS, identify an area for improvement and set in place a sample plan for best practice strategies to include and implement within a VBP-QAPI initiative to improve quality scores.

QAPI & VBP: Keeping Patients Out of the Hospital | July 28 | 1p.m. ET | 1.5 CEUs

ACH and ED comprise 35% of your Total Performance Score (TPS) in VBP. Join our McBee experts as they identify the HHVBP Claims Based components and explain how improving these measures will increase the quality of care that agencies deliver and save CMS money.

Learn best practice strategies to implement within your agency to reduce ACH and ED and gain a better understanding of the new Potentially Preventable Hospitalization (PPH) measure that will be added in the future. Lastly, learn how initiatives and reporting used within a QAPI program can translate to reduction in ACH and ED uses.

QAPI & VBP: Improving Patient Satisfaction (HHCAHPS) | August 2 | 1p.m. ET | 1.5 CEUs

Your agency’s patient satisfaction scores on certain items comprise 30% of your Total Performance Score (TPS). Many agencies identify the HHCAHPS scores as a risk area for HHVBP. In this session, learn strategies that will help your entire team can communicate effectively with the client enhancing the multiple discipline delivery of individualized care to your patients. An example will be presented of a targeted QAPI using the PDSA method for improving patient satisfaction.

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