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Charge Description Master (CDM): A critical resource, but often overlooked!

2021-06-21T08:22:03-05:00Categories: Blog, Health System, Hospital|Tags: , |

The health care industry has experienced significant change in the past decade. The pace of change is breathtaking! Organizations have grown and consolidated by acquiring hospitals, service lines and physician groups. Many organizations are now faced with the burden of standardizing their operations.

Approaches to Revenue Integrity in Revenue Cycle Management

2021-08-17T13:15:45-05:00Categories: Blog, Health System, Hospital|Tags: , |

Revenue Integrity is needed by providers to improve revenues and ensure regulatory and contractual compliance. A proactive approach that focuses on rapid assessment and mitigation of risks to your revenue stream should be the objective of organizations. Here are several thoughts on what to consider in your approach...

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