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Interim Management Leadership Restores Agency’s Compliance After Failed ZPIC Audits

2020-01-03T13:46:33-05:00Categories: Case Studies, Home Health|Tags: , , , |

The health system was unable to successfully fill several key leadership roles within their home care agency after a loss of leadership. Eleven critical positions were vacant within the clinical, quality assurance, and finance departments. As a result, leadership, strategy, quality performance, and compliance profoundly suffered...

93% Decrease in Call Abandonment Rate Leads to $7.8 Million Revenue Increase Opportunity

2020-01-03T13:47:01-05:00Categories: Case Studies, Health System|Tags: , |

McBee developed a work plan for the implementation of a Central Business Office (CBO) scheduling call center. This engagement significantly improved the financial viability of the health system with a $7.8 million increased gross revenue opportunity. The call abandonment rate was decreased from 27% to 2% without increasing the number of full time employees.

Process Improvement in Healthcare: Methods and Steps for Success

2023-11-20T10:28:50-05:00Categories: Blog, Health System, Hospital|Tags: , |

Engrain to sustain -- By taking these steps, you will engrain processes improvements into the culture of an organization and create an efficient and successful environment.

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