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Transfer DRGs: Finding the Correct Transfers in a Sea of Discharges

2023-09-28T12:50:41-05:00Categories: Blog|Tags: , , |

Validating where your patients went after hospital transfers and discharges can be a time-consuming in-house search process that affects hospital reimbursement. In this blog, learn more about transfer DRGs under the Medicare PACT Rule, which reduces payments to hospitals that transfer patients to other providers to continue treatment.

Virginia Hospital Recovers Over $750,000 Annually in Reimbursement Through McBee’s Revenue Integrity Program

2019-04-22T15:51:43-05:00Categories: News|Tags: |

Due to the constant flux in regulations, the hospital was not successful in capturing appropriate revenue for services rendered and was also not meeting compliance standards. To address these challenges, the need for a comprehensive review of their outpatient charges in relation to payer contracts was required...

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