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Hospice Additional Development Requests and Appeals | Trends, Best Practices & Teamwork

2023-01-18T19:13:50-05:00Categories: Blog, Home Health|Tags: , , , , |

As the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services continues to increase reviews to ensure hospice agencies remain compliant, it is crucial to ensure your are properly managing Additional Development Requests and appeals. Discover current process trends, best practices to follow, and how effective teamwork can lead to long-term success.

Reduce Claim Denials Under RCD with a Strong Face-to-Face Compliance Program

2022-04-07T09:50:33-05:00Categories: Blog, Home Health|Tags: , , , |

Review Choice Demonstration is in full cycle in Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, and Texas. In June 2021, Palmetto GBA posted the top reasons for non-Affirmation and claim denials, many being related to Face-to-Face encounters.

Three Important Factors of the Review Choice Demonstration for Home Health Services

2021-06-15T13:59:00-05:00Categories: Blog, Home Health|Tags: , , , , |

At the end of May 2018, CMS released a notice to providers describing their intention to implement an updated version of the previously paused Pre-Claim Review Demonstration. The revision is titled “Review Choice Demonstration for Home Health Services (RCD). Providers in the RCD states should not wait to act.