Utilize McBee’s expert merger and acquisition (M&A) insights and strategies to identify critical gaps and align organizations.

As the healthcare industry faces an accelerating number of transactions and confronts challenges associated with the ever-evolving healthcare market landscape, now is the time to partner with the right organization.

McBee’s customized approach to merger and acquisition support includes reviewing clinical documentation, compliance and operational processes to confirm that an organization targeted for acquisition is meeting regulatory requirements and identify potential risk. By identifying potential risk areas, an entity entering a merger or acquisition will avoid future liability and gain knowledge for the negotiation.

Our strong, customized approach has proven successful with our clients across the industry and has helped to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers.

Finding the right partner makes all the difference. Close your next deal with confidence. Learn more about our Merger & Acquisition Support Services.

The McBee Advantage

By working with more than 150 clients across the provider, private equity and law firm landscape, our experts have a unique perspective to identify key risk areas, critical gaps and assist in aligning processes for a smooth transaction.

  • Uncover critical compliance issues that can impact revenue and licensure

  • Optimize clinical documentation and revenue of all merging organizations

  • Align and unify organizations in the shift from volume to value-based care to improve patient outcomes

A trusted advisor is critical to the acquisition process. Whether it’s conducting introspective diligence ahead of a process, or as a buyer to confirm the quality and overall risk of a target.  Through numerous processes, we’ve found that partner in McBee. They empower us with the data necessary to make smart decisions on investments, and tailor specific integration plans for successful acquisitions.

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