For over 20 years, our expert denials specialists have successfully recovered significant revenue and provided client specific details to prevent future denials.

At McBee, we specialize in managing denials and offer a comprehensive suite of services extending beyond just processing claims. Our approach includes providing valuable guidance on preventive measures. Our team of denial management experts identify the root causes of denied claims eligible for appeal, craft compelling appeal letters, and aggressively pursue payment for overturned claims. Additionally, our team delivers recommendations and reports on trends, facilitating improvements in documentation processes leading to operational enhancements that can reduce the overall number of claim denials over time. 

With a track record of enhancing cash flow and profitability, we successfully appeal thousands of recoverable denials annually and proudly partner with some of the largest hospitals and health systems nationwide.

Detailed metrics to categorize reasons for high denial rates and quantify the financial impact

Actionable suggestions to enhance the denials management workflow

McBee has been an exceptional partner to Texas Children’s for the past 6 years. During that time they have been essential to helping overturn denials and share insights on denial prevention strategies. Due to their notice of inappropriate actions by a payer, we were recently able to hold a payer accountable, and secure a multi-million dollar win for the organization.

Lauren Girardi, Director of Business Services Revenue Integrity, Texas Children's Hospital

McBee supports our DRG downgrade denials and appeals management. Their approach has been extremely comprehensive and successful. They craft compelling and thorough appeals. This has resulted in an impressive overturn rate for our enterprise. In addition, they deliver significant and insightful data on every case they review. As such, we utilize that data to modify operations to minimize future denials.

Debra Hall, VP, HIM - Coding/Training, Hackensack Meridian Health Network

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The McBee Advantage

When you partner with McBee, you are partnering with a firm that has the capacity to handle the high volume of denials and help address lost revenue that can accrue at year-end and during regulatory audits. Our proprietary data analytics track documentation trends to identify areas to improve and create the basis for our tailored educational sessions. Our revenue cycle management services provide a comparative analysis of your claims and payment data, leading to valuable insight on the correlation between clinical documentation and denied claims. 

McBee can assist with:

  • Medical Necessity
  • DRG downgrades
  • Line-item denials
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd level appeals
  • External appeals such as State Fair Hearings and Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing

Additionally, McBee can be your partner in restructuring your denials management process. With extensive understanding of payer tendencies, denials   management processes and overall industry knowledge, McBee can assist you in understanding why claims were denied, align team workflows and implement denials prevention measures and solutions  

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