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Updated 11/20/2023

McBee takes a holistic approach to healthcare (RCM) Revenue Cycle Management Services by working directly with your revenue cycle team to optimize your revenue cycle. We analyze your data to identify areas to assess current revenue processes and measure against national benchmarks with our revenue cycle management services.  We then design a strategy unique to your healthcare organization and employ expert techniques to collect on claims and keep cash flowing to your organization.

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We know the only way to minimize revenue leakage is to engrain processes into an organization’s culture. By identifying trends and educating staff, we make detailed recommendations to optimize current operational,  medical billing, patient payments, claims management, claim denials, accounts receivable, and collections processes and obtain the revenue that your medical practice and healthcare organization is entitled to, both now and in the future.

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Our expert knowledge of reimbursement, medical coding, and billing systems assures providers that revenue cycle processes are effective. For all revenue cycle services at McBee, we perform regularly scheduled checkpoints on all engagements. Our Revenue Cycle Services team will provide feedback on methods and best practices to ensure that the highest levels of accuracy are maintained.

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On McBee’s revenue cycle management (RCM) team, all account and project managers are trained in medical billing and have healthcare industry experience. All billing staff receives training in areas relating to revenue cycle, including education to gain expertise on the intricacies of any payer whether Medicare or commercial insurance companies. They stay up to date on all regulatory updates and how they affect the revenue cycle process.

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Revenue Cycle Management FAQs

Our holistic approach to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) involves conducting an in-depth, end-to-end evaluation of your revenue cycle processes. As part of our revenue cycle management services, we collaborate closely with your team, utilizing advanced data analytics to scrutinize your revenue data. This allows us to identify key areas of inefficiency and opportunities for improvement in your revenue cycle management healthcare process.

We employ a suite of cutting-edge data analytics tools and apply our extensive industry expertise to thoroughly examine your revenue data. This is a crucial part of our revenue cycle management service, enabling us to identify and target potential areas of revenue leakage, inefficiencies, and opportunities for augmentation within your revenue cycle management healthcare processes.

Our unique strategy for effective revenue cycle management involves devising a customized plan designed to optimize every aspect of your revenue cycle. We incorporate a mix of innovative solutions for improving cash flow, enhancing the efficiency of medical billing, reducing claim denials, and streamlining patient payment processes.

As part of our revenue cycle services, we apply industry best practices, expert techniques, and the latest technology to optimize claims collection and enhance cash flow. This includes thorough follow-ups on unpaid claims, efficient denial management, and accurate, timely medical billing, which are all crucial aspects of effective revenue cycle management.

To effectively integrate revenue cycle processes into your organization’s culture, we identify emerging trends, provide comprehensive education to your staff, and deliver detailed recommendations to optimize operational procedures, medical billing, patient payment, and claims management processes. This forms a crucial part of our holistic approach to revenue cycle management.

How does McBee optimize current operational, medical billing, and patient payments processes?

We offer comprehensive services to manage claim denials, accounts receivable, and collections processes as part of our revenue cycle services. This includes implementing rigorous denial tracking and management strategies, ensuring efficient accounts receivable management, and applying professional, patient-friendly collections processes, all critical for efficient revenue cycle management.

Our proactive assurance provides you with the benefits of our expert knowledge of reimbursement, medical coding, and billing systems. This assures you that your revenue cycle processes are not only effective but also compliant with all relevant regulations, providing a solid foundation for successful revenue cycle management.

We perform regular checkpoints for all our RCM services to ensure accuracy and compliance. The frequency of these checkpoints is tailored to the complexity and needs of your engagement, ensuring that your revenue cycle management processes are always functioning at their best.

We uphold high levels of accuracy in your revenue cycle management processes through a combination of expert staff training, advanced technology solutions, rigorous checkpoints, and the application of industry best practices, a key element in successful revenue cycle management.

All of our account and project managers on the RCM team are extensively trained in medical billing and possess significant healthcare industry experience. This deep-seated expertise ensures they are well-equipped to effectively manage and optimize your revenue cycle processes as part of our revenue cycle management services.

We ensure that our billing staff stays up-to-date on all regulatory updates through regular training and education sessions. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of different payers, including Medicare and commercial insurance companies, a crucial component of effective revenue cycle management.

Our Billing Outsource service covers all your billing needs, from staff training to full outsourcing. This comprehensive service ensures that your billing processes are not only efficient and accurate but also compliant, making it an integral part of our revenue cycle management healthcare services.

Our Cash Acceleration / AR Workdown service is designed to eliminate backlogs in accounts receivable and bring them to best practice levels. This involves proactive follow-ups, resolution of unpaid or disputed invoices, and streamlined AR management, all of which contribute to successful revenue cycle management.

Our Denials & Appeals Management service is designed to effectively manage denials and provide ongoing appeal support. This involves identifying the root causes of denials, eliminating backlogs, and providing continuous support for appeals, thus strengthening the effectiveness of your revenue cycle management process.

We use a combination of data analysis tools, audits, and expert evaluations to identify the root causes of denials. This deep understanding informs our strategies to prevent such denials in the future, which is a key aspect of our revenue cycle management services.

Our Medicare Revenue Recovery service ensures that you receive accurate reimbursement for paid Medicare claims. We closely monitor Medicare payments, identify any discrepancies, and promptly address them to secure your rightful reimbursements, a crucial part of revenue cycle management in healthcare.

We protect your bottom line through our Medicare Revenue Recovery service by ensuring you receive the correct reimbursement amount for services provided to Medicare patients. This strategy prevents any financial losses due to underpayment or incorrect billing, thus optimizing your revenue cycle management process.

Our Revenue Cycle Services team provides insights and recommendations based on our expert knowledge and extensive experience in the industry. This includes best practices in medical billing, claims management, accounts receivable management, and patient engagement, all key aspects of effective revenue cycle management.

You can contact us to optimize your revenue cycle by visiting the contact page on our website. Simply fill out the provided form with your information, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us directly at (610) 964-9680 for immediate assistance. We are always ready to assist you in improving your revenue cycle management.