Take a holistic approach to optimizing your revenue cycle.

McBee Revenue Cycle Services

McBee takes a holistic approach to healthcare RCM by working directly with your team to optimize your revenue cycle. We analyze your data to identify areas to assess current revenue processes and measure against national benchmarks with our revenue cycle management services.  We then design a strategy unique to your healthcare organization and employ expert techniques to collect on claims and keep cash flowing to your organization.

We know the only way to minimize revenue leakage is to engrain the process into an organization’s culture. By identifying trends and educating staff, we make detailed recommendations to optimize current operational, medical billing, patient payments, claims management, accounts receivable, and collections processes and obtain the revenue that your healthcare organization is entitled to, both now and in the future.

Our expert knowledge of reimbursement and billing systems assures providers that revenue cycle processes are effective. For all revenue cycle services at McBee, we perform regularly scheduled checkpoints on all engagements. We provide feedback on methods and best practices to ensure that the highest levels of accuracy are maintained.

On McBee’s revenue cycle management (RCM) team, all account and project managers are trained in medical billing and have healthcare industry experience. All billing staff receives training in areas relating to the revenue cycle, including education to gain expertise on the intricacies of any payer whether Medicare or commercial insurance companies. They stay up to date on all regulatory updates and how they affect the revenue cycle process.

Revenue Cycle Services