Tackle PDPM with strategies that improve outcomes and optimize reimbursement.

A patient-driven payment model (PDPM) means shifting from an emphasis on therapy volume to comprehensive care plans that also include nursing and non-therapy services, in addition to therapy. McBee can help make the transition to the new model easier with a disciplined approach that ensures you’re providing the right services at the right level to improve patient outcomes and enhance revenue.

The McBee Advantage

McBee analyzes interdisciplinary team work flows, payment cycles, staffing, admission and discharge processes, as well as clinical documentation. Based on the findings, we develop trainings and make recommendations to support improved patient outcomes and enhance reimbursement.

We also work directly with your team to improve the revenue cycle, designing a strategy that meets your unique needs, improves cash flow and reduces DSO.

  • Clinical consulting group with more than 20 years of experience

  • Thorough understanding of PDPM, including the five case-mix adjusted components
  • Expertise that spans all areas of your organization – financial, administrative and clinical

  • Revenue cycle improvement services that address every area from patient intake to cash posting

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