Tackle regulatory challenges with strategies for improved outcomes and optimized reimbursement under IRF PPS

As the inpatient rehabilitation regulatory environment continues to evolve, McBee can help your facility gain an in-depth understanding of the inpatient Prospective Payment System, or IRF PPS, regulations to ensure you’re providing the right services at the right level to improve patient outcomes and enhance revenue.

The McBee Advantage

Whether your facility is in the middle of the Review Choice Demonstration (RCD), or preparing for it, or facing other regulatory challenges, McBee can help provide proactive audits and educational support that will help you remain compliant with IRF PPS regulations. Our IRF PPD coding and clinical specialists step in to audit charts in accordance with the strictest interpretation of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual (MBPM), as well as IRF Review Choice Documentation guidelines. To ensure ongoing success, the audit results are provided in a summary report with recommendations to help your facility prevent denials, enhance reimbursement and improve patient outcomes. For inpatient rehabilitation facilities, IRF PPS expertise can be the key difference between a long list of denials and improved patient outcomes.

What Does McBee bring to IRF PPS?

  • IRF PPS coding and clinical specialists with more than 20+ years of experience

  • Thorough understanding of IRF PPS including its impact on coding, billing and reimbursement

  • Extensive knowledge of the IRF-PAI and strategies for remaining compliant

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