Excel under the bundled reimbursement payment models.

While both acute and post-acute care networks continue to share accountability for providing better quality care services at a lower cost, the risk and the financial responsibility ultimately rests with hospitals and health systems. To make the transition to bundled payments, we help you choose the right strategy, the right partners, and the right technology – all while mitigating risk and keeping cash flowing.

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The McBee Advantage

The bundled reimbursement model is not new to us. We’ve been working with providers on care design, financial performance, payment determination & distribution, operational process improvement in acute and post acute settings. Our Bundled Payments System tracks cost data and profitability of services by any variable, including payer, physician, diagnosis, and post acute provider. It then establishes meaningful benchmarks so you can easily identify profit and loss by case, keeping you informed on the performance of each function and partner.

  • 18+ years experience working with all bundled payment for care initiatives in health systems

  • Intricate understanding of acute & post-acute operations
  • Interfaces with billing systems

  • Allows multiple fee schedules for physician payments

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