Identify Medicare underpayments and receive full reimbursement of Transfer DRG claims.

With the national average percentage of claims impacted by Transfer DRG Regulations at 6 – 8 % of total Medicare claims, we know how impactful Medicare underpayments can be to your business. Our fully compliant Transfer DRG Review verifies correct reimbursement of Medicare claims that are subject to the Transfer DRG Policy.

Our Transfer DRG Team has worked with hundreds of hospital across the country, including some major chains, and has over 15 years of experience providing revenue recovery services to the health care industry. McBee takes a holistic approach to addressing each of our clients’ unique needs. Our process encompasses total claims reprocessing. McBee will submit corrected claims, verify acceptance of the correct claim, and track the claim to final payment

The McBee Advantage

Our approach to Transfer DRGs ensures our clients have complete control over which claims are adjusted and a total understanding of the reasons they are recommended for adjustment. Our consultants research each claim to identify the exact status of each discharge in the claim universe and ensure a fast turnaround. Your organization retains absolute and final control over which claims are adjusted and our fees are based upon a contingency arrangement. We recover the full DRG payments with minimal involvement of your staff, allowing you to keep business on track without daily operations being disrupted.

  • Average of $3,000+ recovery per claim

  • Gain a dedicated team of McBee consultants and leadership

  • Engrain best practice into culture with staff education

  • Receive initial findings in 24 to 48 hours

  • Fully Medicare-compliant approach

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