Realize and increase your current revenue stream.

McBee’s Revenue Integrity Management Services take a holistic approach to optimizing your revenue. From identifying missed medical billing opportunities and validating claims to performing an in-depth audit to optimize charge capture processes, we implement strategic plans to improve annual incomes and mitigate risks to your revenue stream. We partner with you to develop customized, sustainable strategies to achieve significant increases in annually recurring net revenue.

The McBee Advantage

Our substantial expertise in reimbursement systems and regulations assures providers that billing processes are effective. We work with your clinical and financial departments to assess how current services are captured, pinpoint problem areas that prevent proper reimbursement and streamline current operations to obtain the revenue integrity that you are entitled to, both now and in the future.

  • Consistent claim tracking and reporting

  • Extensive systems experience

  • Consultants are platform certified

  • Experience with all Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers nationally

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Case Study
Virginia Hospital Recovers Over $750,000 Annually in Reimbursement Through McBee’s Revenue Integrity Program

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