Effectively capture revenue, increase profitability, and identify new growth opportunities.

McBee Financial Services

From conducting a benchmark analysis to forecasting and budgeting, our financial experts collaborate with your team, assess key financial metrics, guide financial decision making and identify new growth opportunities.

Once opportunities are identified, we take an interdisciplinary approach to refine clinical, operational or financial processes that are impacting reimbursement and recommend cost management improvements. By assessing workflows, resources and technology, we identify profit opportunities and implement process changes to effectively capture revenue.

Maintaining financial health in an industry with ever-changing, complex payment models is enormous. Our financial management experts have extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of healthcare regulations and policies to position your organization for success.

Improving the financial health of your organization is a coordinated effort that looks at clinical, operational, and financial factors. Our expertise spans all areas of your organization that can impact revenue. Armed with this comprehensive financial and clinical knowledge, McBee develops strategies that will address your challenges and work throughout your entire organization.

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