Optimize internal operations to enhance compliance and streamline processes.

Internal audits serve as an integral part of a healthcare organization’s operations and facilitate addressing critical business risk areas and compliance issues. With our proactive internal audits, you’ll develop wide range of communication and decision-making throughout your organization to help avoid and uncover potential risks & challenges in the future. We position your organization to actively respond to the ever-changing healthcare regulatory environment.

The McBee Advantage

Whether clinical or financial, our systematic, disciplined approach to achieving internal compliance is tailored to your specific goals. With our internal controls, audits, and mock surveys, we identify potential pitfalls and make detailed recommendations to optimize your current compliance plan or implement a new one. We prepare you for regulatory changes and reduce the risk of receiving future audits. Paired with our compliance education sessions, our internal audits increase staff confidence and knowledge to ensure organizational and regulatory risk is mitigated.

  • Mock surveys to identify gap and risk assessment

  • Quantitative audits to provide feedback on regulatory practices to show compliance

  • Develop compliance plan to validate internal processes are complaint with industry regulations

  • Conduct billing and reimbursement reviews that prepare organizations compliance with regulatory changes and updates

  • Audit reviews & comprehensive findings of OIG requirements

  • Education sessions that improve documentation to support medical necessity and process improvement initiatives


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