Review, monitor and improve compliance with Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) guidelines.

Our IRO reviews identify risk areas in your organization and recommended strong solutions to help providers improve compliance. With our IRO reviews, we’ll enhance your compliance programs and monitor their adherence to the CIA requirements. We also provide the expertise for revamping billing compliance protocols, mitigating future risk, and reducing fraud and abuse to improve the overall operational quality for our clients.

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The McBee Advantage

Our compliance experts conduct an eligibility review, level of service review and, if needed, a system review according to the standards prescribed by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) in the CIA. We present the review methodology (including data used), findings, and any recommendations to improve documentation and minimize overall risk. Our findings are an important training tool for adherence to billing and medical documentation requirements to avoid government enforcement actions pertaining to fraud and abuse and reduce repayment penalties.

  • Develop and implement an IRO work plan in accordance with CIA requirements
  • Identify, document, and facilitate as required under the OIG’s Corporate Integrity Agreement
  • Prepare a final report with a quantitative and qualitative assessment of compliance to the regulatory requirements
  • Recommend efficient communication between your organization and OIG

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