Receive Accurate & Timely Reimbursements With an Efficient ADR Process and Proactive Pre-bill Review.

With the uptick concerning additional document requests that come with initiatives like Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE), providers are required to produce documentation in a timely manner to prevent denials or payment delays. Our strategy is multifaceted—we respond quickly to ADRs, craft winning appeals for denied claims, and go a step further to engrain pre-bill review best practices into the culture.

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The McBee Advantage

Our ADR compliance & pre-bill services take a direct approach in helping providers develop a proactive review process and strategy to ensure that all supporting clinical documentation is present prior to billing. By reviewing your specific ADRs & denied claims, we identify areas for improvement, educate staff on pre-bill best practices, and provide tailored solutions to optimize your current processes and reduce future risk. We provide clinical feedback and recommendations to increase billing compliance and prevent continued denials.

  • McBee’s Clinical consulting group with more than 20 years of experience

  • In-depth knowledge of healthcare regulations and policies.

  • Well-crafted, winning appeals

  • A proprietary software tool designed for ADR compliance and pre-bill audits

  • Pre-bill audits to improve billing quality in response to Medicare focused review


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