Achieve accurate OASIS and coding for enhanced clinical and financial outcomes.

We know improving OASIS accuracy can be a challenge for home health organizations of all sizes. With our Home Health OASIS Accuracy and Coding Services, our clinicians provide the most thorough review on ICD-10 coding and OASIS scoring and identify gaps in documentation to enhance education and engrain best practices into your culture. Utilizing a focus on quality and accuracy in OASIS data collection and scoring, you can foster and achieve the best clinical and financial home health outcomes possible with McBee.

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The McBee Advantage

The McBee clinical review team evaluates OASIS responses using all available documentation. After a thorough review of patient’s chart and data contained within the medical record, our clinicians make recommendations and offer insight into proper OASIS accuracy based on official guidelines and trends identified within documentation. We’ve even implemented a Clinician Graduation Program that includes customized parameters for your most accurate clinicians to move from full reviews to coding only, ensuring that quality and sustainable documentation standards are ingrained into your culture.

  • McBee reviews ~52,000 charts a month

  • 48-hour turnaround time

  • 96% accuracy in OASIS and Coding (requirement for all coders)

  • Reviewers have an average of 25+ years of experience in home health

  • Diverse in many software platforms

  • Robust reporting packages available

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