Track care patterns and document the root causes of LUPAs to improve care planning, deliver high quality care and ensure financial viability.

Contending with new LUPA thresholds can be a challenge for home health organizations of all sizes. Our approach to episode management improves the delivery of the patient’s plan of care. Our clinical teams partner with your home health agency to develop custom care guidelines that reduce readmissions, help avoid LUPAs (Low Utilization Payment Adjustments),  improve visit utilization, and provide patients with a positive outcome. Patients and referring providers will count on your organization for the best care and patient experience.

An episode management analysis completed by McBee not only measures your current LUPA rate but also identifies key indicators that promote effective episode management. You’ll have key insight into the clinical and functional needs as well as visit patterns within your low utilization episodes, making establishing new care patterns into your culture a smooth process.

The McBee Advantage

Our clinical consultants bring together experience and data to continuously analyze open episodes that are potential LUPAs to determine whether they are meeting best practice standards.

We track care patterns and document the root causes of LUPAs with our intensive review process. With this information, we partner with your clinical leadership to hold weekly meetings that develop custom patient care guidelines specific to your organization to reinforce best practices and ensure the highest quality of patient care is delivered.

  • Average 53% LUPA rate reduction

  • Focus on higher Quality of Patient Care and Patient Survey Star Ratings
  • Clinician-to-clinician review of care plans to improve utilization

  • Trend reporting to determine and address root causes of low utilization payment adjustment lupa

  • Analysis of open episodes to identify potential LUPAs and prevent them

  • New care patterns ingrained into agency culture


Case Study
Home Health Provider Prepares for PDGM; Reduces LUPA by 40% through Episode Management

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Episode Management in a PDGM World


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