Optimize visit and discipline utilization to achieve clinical excellence and financial viability.

Home health organizations are finding it difficult to navigate periods of care, with many facing increased rates of over and under-utilization occurrences, including Low Utilization Payment Adjustment (LUPA) rates. McBee Episode Management Services help improve the delivery of the patient’s plan of care. Our clinical team partners with your organization’s clinical leaders to develop custom care guidelines that reduce rehospitalization, help mitigate avoidable LUPAs, improve visit utilization, and achieve value-based care delivery with improved clinical outcomes. Patients and referring providers will count on your organization for the best care and patient experience.

An episode management analysis performed by McBee tracks care patterns and documents the root cause of both LUPAs and over-utilization within each period of care. With a patient-centric approach, our clinical consultants provide your organization with key insights and discipline utilization to identify trends, optimize areas of improvement, and recommend next best steps to integrate new care patterns into your culture.

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The McBee Advantage

McBee’s Episode Management team is comprised of clinicians with an average of more than 20 years working within home health clinical management roles. Leveraging both experience and McBee’s exclusive Visit Optimization Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), our team is able to continuously analyze active periods of care, efficiently evaluates care plans, and work to improve utilization. Trained on over 300 million home health visits, McBee Visit Optimization Analytics helps enhance our clinical consulting team’s recommendations.

With McBee Episode Management Services, your team can drive additional financial gain and leverage data to determine best practice recommendations for utilization. We partner with your clinical leadership to hold regular meetings that develop custom patient-centric care guidelines specific to your organization to reinforce best practices and ensure the highest quality of patient care is delivered.

  • Average 53% LUPA rate reduction

  • Focus on higher Quality of Patient Care and Patient Survey Star Ratings

  • Clinician-to-clinician review of care plans to improve over or under-utilization

  • Trend reporting to determine and address root causes of LUPAs

  • Enhanced clinician decision-making with Visit Optimization Analytics powered be AI

  • New care patterns ingrained into agency culture


A Spotlight on Home Health Case Management

Health system partners with McBee to incorporate clinical best practices for LUPA and Outlier management for home health business


Periods of care reviewed

Accuracy rate using AI to identify opportunities that improve utilization management