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At McBee, we are committed to giving you the most valuable resources to ensure success in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Our PDGM Impact Analysis gave organizations valuable insight on how the new model will impact your organization, detailing financial impact, clinical groupings, functional scoring, comorbidity add-on, and other major drivers of PDGM.

With our PDGM Market Data & Analytics, we’ve taken a deeper dive into claims data and have prepared robust dashboards that highlight some of the most important data to leverage for success under PDGM.
  • Over/Under Utilization STAR Ratings Dashboard – Compares your visit patterns for the selected clinical grouping, primary diagnosis, and HHRG against the national average of three, four, and five STAR agencies. This dashboard summarizes the visit patterns of top STAR rating agencies against your visit patterns to understand where over or under utilization may be taking place within your agency.
  • Visit Pattern Dashboard – Highlights the average number of visits by discipline, by week for the selected clinical grouping, primary diagnosis, and HHRG based on the visit data reported on the claim. This dashboard helps you understand your average care plan utilization with comparison against the HHRG’s LUPA visit threshold to identify deviations from care plans that could potentially result in a LUPA.
  • LUPA Risk Dashboard – Defines the top clinical grouping, primary diagnosis and HHRG that results in a first or second 30-day LUPA based on your 2018 claims data. Under PDGM, the LUPA threshold ranges from 2-6 visits. This dashboard allows you take a closer look into your biggest LUPA risk areas to assess the reasons for LUPA, care plan enhancements, and opportunities to maximize clinical outcomes.

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