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Know the impact PDGM will have on your agency and how to prepare for the new changes!

The changes under PDGM prove to be confusing and complex, and it can be challenging for home health agencies to begin preparing for the new model on their own. That’s why we’ve created our PDGM Impact Analysis to help agencies of all sizes kick-start their PDGM preparation process. Our PDGM Impact Analysis provides thorough reporting using data pulled from CMS to allow agencies visibility into the detailed impacts of the new model and how it will also impact their competitors. Agencies can forecast, plan, and budget with PDGM in mind and ensure that the most effective quality care is being provided to their patients.

With our PDGM Impact Analysis, you’ll receive these advantages:

• Analysis of agency’s HHRG, diagnosis coding, and claims data pulled from CMS
• Detailed reporting to thoroughly explain the impact of PDGM and how it will affect your agency
• Customized competitor analysis to identify gaps and future opportunities
• Recommendations for operational adjustments that improve financial performance

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McBee PDGM Impact Analysis Infographic

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