Receive data-driven insight | Request your 2024 PDGM Impact Analysis

Now is the time to discover areas of opportunity and leverage your data. The McBee PDGM Impact Analysis calculates how updates to the model could impact your revenue and pinpoints opportunities to improve performance.

Home health organizations can visualize where they stack up against their competitors as well as state and national averages. The analysis shows areas of opportunity to help mitigate shortfalls in reimbursement by projecting additional revenue that can be obtained by achieving certain benchmarks. With the PDGM Financial Impact Analysis, your organization will have insight into optimizing the following metrics:

  • Periods per Episode – Highlights how often your organization is billing two 30-day periods within a 60-day episode. This key metric is one of the largest drivers of revenue under PDGM.
  • LUPA Rate – While the thresholds for LUPA’s continually evolve, improving this metric still has a significant impact going into 2024.
  • Functional Scoring – Details the distribution of periods into the three functional impairment levels (high, medium, low) and can represent a sizable variation of the reimbursement under PDGM.

Discover how McBee projects your organizations revenue, functional scoring, LUPA rate and other metrics compared to national data today!

McBee Market Reporting

Our PDGM Financial Impact Analysis is powered by McBee Market Reporting. McBee Market Reporting analyzes close to 9 million CMS claims to calculate benchmarks for organizations.