The Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) continues to rollout across the country, and it’s more crucial than ever for home health agencies to fully understand the changes it brings to properly prepare for its impacts and develop a fully compliant process. This session details the background and revisions of the RCD, the impacts it will have on home health agencies, and the multiple claims review options that are given under the RCD changes. Major factors to consider when designing an action plan to prepare for the RCD and achieve compliance with Medicare’s home health requirements will also be discussed. 


  • Understand the background and revisions of the Review Choice Demonstration 
  • Determine the impact on home health agencies
  • Review factors to consider when designing an action plan to prepare for the Review Choice Demonstration 


Arrica Canty, RN, BSN, CCM, LNC
Senior Clinical Consulting Manager, McBee

Arrica Canty, RN, BSN, CCM, LNC is a Senior Clinical Consulting Manager at McBee. She has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare, with over 18 years as a registered nurse and 15 years in home health. Her contributions to the healthcare field include experiences in home health, hospital, and academia environments. She has a broad base of consulting and operational experience for home health, quality management, utilization review/management and case management, and medicolegal realms. 

Dawn Cheek, RN, BSN
Director, Clinical Consulting, McBee

Dawn Cheek is a Clinical Consulting Director at McBee. She is involved with home health, hospice, and hospital engagements and has been a healthcare consultant for 13 years. She has performed Medicare compliance reviews and related chart reviews for home health agencies, hospices, and hospitals. For home health, she provides extensive knowledge of clinical operations, ADR/Denials appeal services, and home care and hospice documentation regulations. Her nursing background, coupled with her leadership experience, allows her to effectively monitor operational process and agency compliance.


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