Many learning hurdles arise when looking at the 143 changes from OASIS-D1 to OASIS-E. Mixing up guidance on items leads to inaccuracy that can cost your organization not only in star ratings and patient outcomes, but reimbursement as well. Understanding the different item intent, instructions and definitions will be essential for accuracy.

Join McBee expert, Lisa Selman-Holman, in this complimentary webinar as she discusses these potential hurdles and ways your agency can tackle the learning curve to reduce inaccuracy moving forward.


  • Compare and contrast OASIS-D1 and OASIS-E guidance
  • Identify the differences in time frames and look back periods for OASIS-E
  • Learn various CMS definitions that change depending on the OASIS item
  • Classify the new rules related to source of information for assessment of certain OASIS-E items
  • Discuss ways to ensure accuracy in OASIS-E to help optimize outcomes and reimbursement


Impacts of PDGM Webinar

Lisa Selman-Holman
Vice President, Education & Quality