Palliative care as a patient service has been around for many years. As palliative care clinicians know, the only constant is change. This adage is especially true in 2023 as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has updated and streamlined documentation for care delivered in the inpatient, skilled nursing (SNF) and assisted living facilities (ALF), and home locations. Optimized billing and coding are critical to the financial stability of the palliative care program and revenue from billing often covers a substantial portion of direct costs (staff time). 

In this webinar, dive into how to code palliative care to maximize compliance and the economic benefits to the providers. Our speakers will discuss how the future is changing in a way that suits a palliative program, along with strategies on how palliative care can assist post-acute providers and create strategic advantages for those who wish to get in front of the acute care facilities, a brave new frontier. 


  • Understand the implications of the 2023 coding and billing regulations
  • Gain insight on the coordination of palliative care services
  • Acquire perspectives on the strategic advantages of a palliative care program


Impacts of PDGM Webinar

Michael Puskarich
Director, Advisory Consulting

Mykel Banks
Senior Manager, Advisory Consulting