eBook – Rethinking Referral & Intake Under PDGM

Your guide to optimizing all areas of the referral and intake process for home health success


An organization’s intake department serves as the gatekeeper to the organization and is the first step in the process towards achieving success under the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM). The referral and intake process directly impacts core operations and the ability to provide appropriate care and bill in a timely manner. Understanding the steps efficient and effective organizations are taking to improve their referral and intake processes is critical for reimbursement and providing high quality patient care under PDGM.

Our ebook Rethinking Referral and Intake Under PDGM identifies key steps home health agencies can take to streamline their referral and intake process and position their organization for success under the new model. Gain detailed insight on identifying agency trends, developing checklists, educating staff, optimizing your EMR, assessing department structure and more.

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