Diving into the unknown can be nerve-racking – whether it’s taking on a new leadership role or starting your own business – but the lessons and people make it well worth the risks.

Stepping down from a larger corporation and creating your own space in the healthcare industry is scary—A feeling that Summer Napier, President & CEO of Healing Hands Healthcare knows all too well.

In this episode, we interview Summer about her journey to following her passion by founding Healing Hands, a home health organization serving 22 counties in Northern Texas. She shares her experiences as a healthcare entrepreneur, how she formed meaningful relationships with mentors, colleagues and staff, and lessons learned thus far.

These experiences and approaches to leadership have helped her organization increase staff retention, navigate a public health emergency, and other economic factors challenging the home health space. She details more about the caring and compassionate culture built at Healing Hands surrounding open, transparent communication and her – share the why – approach.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Following your passions and discovering what it takes to start-up a healthcare business
  • How networking and mentors making a difference in leadership
  • Cultivating a culture where your team can thrive, increasing retention
  • Prioritizing work-life balance and an open-door policy



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