“I would categorize the rule as perfectly fitting of coming out on Halloween. It’s a rule in disguise.” says Jeff Aaronson, Senior Director of Advisory Consulting.

“In some ways you can look at it and see that it’s positive, we have a 0.7% increase in payments. Or you can look at the other side of the rule, which is more impactful, that CMS actually increased the behavior adjustment from 7.69% to 7.85%” he added.

The Centers of Medicare & Medicaid released the CY 2023 Home Health Final Rule on October 31. Fortunately, the proposed rule provided an adequate look into the future and left little room for surprises. This includes steep payment cuts and the need for continued advocacy as an industry.

Navigating change and ensuring you don’t miss a beat will be key as we wrap up 2022. Karen Tibbs, Director of OASIS & Quality hosts a discussion between Jeff Aaronson and Lisa Selman-Holman, Vice President of Education and Quality. Listen in as McBee experts discuss what organizations can expect in 2023 and next steps to prepare.

Learn more about:

  • The importance of The Preserving Access to Home Heath Act of 2022
  • Behavior adjustment and the potential impacts to payment plans
  • The finalization of OASIS-E and the best way to prepare
  • The baseline year of Value-Based Purchasing and what’s next



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