When you want to expand your offerings, it’s natural to look to someone who has already been a trusted partner with shared values.

This is why McBee’s acquisition of Selman-Holman & Associates has unveiled what both can achieve. Together is better.

In this episode, we interview Lisa Selman-Holman, Founder of Selman-Holman & Associates, and Mike Dordick, McBee President, about the finer points of the acquisition and future plans for expanding education offerings.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What motivated the acquisition
  • Plans for collaboration: technology, conferences, and more
  • Why education is so essential in the industry


Delivering Quality Education with Selman-Holman - McBee CareThreads

Mike Dordick

Delivering Quality Education with Selman-Homan - McBee CareThreads

Lisa Selman-Holman
Vice President, Education & Quality

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