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Jumping into a solution before knowing the full scope of the issue at hand can be a recipe for failure. While gut instinct and anecdotal evidence are helpful, they don’t provide information sufficient to build the right solution.

On McBee CareThreads, you’ll hear from healthcare solution experts who understand the intricacies and challenges facing providers today. We’ll discuss stories and explore strategies to help providers deliver value-based care and hear your peers share their best practices for success.

We’ll cover topics like: analytics and reporting, federal and state regulations, clinical operations, revenue cycle management, financial strategies and so much more.

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Exploring the IRF RCD Impact on Rehabilitation Facilities

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The Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility (IRF) Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) is reshaping the landscape of rehabilitation facilities. The goal is to make sure patients get the best care possible. Rehab facilities are preparing by making sure their documentation and processes are in good standing, as the IRF RCD is about to take place in several states.