Compliance and Pre-Bill Audits are the Key to Preparing for Probe & Educate

CMS is conducting its second round of Probe & Educate – now might be a good time to check up on your compliance plan.

“Agencies that prepare for Probe & Educate, whether they do a prebill audit or compliance audit are more successful with less denials than agencies that are not prepared,” says Dawn Cheek, Clinical Consulting Senior Manager, McBee

As our compliance expert covers Medicare eligibility and billing requirements from face-to-face documentation to patient eligibility and how they relate to probe and educate. Agencies will learn about the importance of pre-bill and compliance processes during our video.

About the Contributor

Dawn Cheek, Clinical Consulting Manager — McBee

Dawn has more than 30 years of experience in health care compliance, operations, and management. She provides clinical compliance and operational insights for home care and hospice organizations. She also has extensive knowledge of Medicare regulations–working with providers nationwide on documentation improvement and implementation of best practice standards.