August 30 – September 1

Bring Care Home Conference

Join McBee at the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice 53rd Annual meeting and meet us at booth #44!

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Practice, Practice, Practice…Applying the Texas Nursing Practice Act and Ethics to Home Care
Lisa Selman-Holman
When: 3:45p,  August 31

Become reacquainted with the Texas Nursing Practice Act, Texas BON rules and Position Statements. Every nurse is responsible to know the Texas BON rules that apply to nursing practice. Also covered are ethical principles and professional boundaries. Lisa Selman-Holman will take rules that every Texas nurse needs to know and practically apply those to home care. This course will provide the 2 contact hours of continuing education on jurisprudence and ethics that is required for all Texas nurses.

The Potential is There: How Potentially Preventable Hospitalization Might Fit into Value-Based Purchasing
Lisa Selman-Holman
When: 3:15p,  September 1

Many of us awaited the proposed rule expecting that PPH would not only be part of the Quality Measures but added to the HHVBP model; it was not. Although PPH is not yet part of VBP, join us as we talk about why it will be eventually added to VBP and what your organization can begin to do today to prepare for what PPH will measure and how it will affect your Total Performance score when added.  In this session, we will review how calculations work and the vulnerabilities that PPH will bring to light.  Start today with strategies to reduce Acute Hospitalizations and thrive in VBP.

Lisa Selman-Holman Vice President, Quality & Education

Lisa Selman-Holman
Vice President, Quality & Education

PHA Annual Conference 2022 Mcbee Associates

Bob Braun
Senior Vice President

PHA Annual Conference 2022 Mcbee Associates

Michael Lloyd