We hire talented, enthusiastic people and equip them
to have wildly successful careers.

When leaders of companies throughout the health care industry need help with complex challenges, they call us.  More than 50 years ago, McBee was founded with a mission to always achieve the best outcomes: The best outcomes for our clients, and the best outcomes for our team.  It is that core belief that defines our entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and fun culture.


The Ideal Candidate

Our people are our greatest asset. We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team. And, while we never know at what stage we’ll find them – completing a degree, or looking to make a career shift – we go to great lengths to attract and retain them.

People who get hired at McBee share some common traits. Among them:

  • A dynamic spirit
  • Passionate about problem solving
  • Articulate communicators
  • Good comfort level among executives
  • Excel in a team environment

Remote Staffing

Presence doesn’t equal productivity.

We have a number of positions that don’t require a commute into the office. Our remote positions offer the best of all worlds – allowing our people to thrive, embracing our team culture, and providing the best support for clients.

To ensure success, we set goals, establish communication rhythms, and define the metrics that make your home office a success.

How to love working from a home office:

Stay connected. Check in with colleagues or your supervisor on a regular basis to feel connected.
Take breaks. It’s easy to get caught up in work. Make sure to stand up and move around on a regular basis.
Keep office hours. Retain your balance. If you remember something during “off hours” make a note and take care of it the next work day.
Define your work space. Have a room, or area, dedicated to work so you actually are either at home, or at work.

  • Extensive EMR and billing systems experience

  • Consultants are platform certifies

  • Experience with all Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers nationally