PFGM 2020 National Summit

The 2020 NAHC PDGM Summits are here!

Last year, McBee partnered with NAHC to present six sessions at the first-ever PDGM National Summits that focused on educating home health agencies on the changes under the new model and the predicted impacts the new guidelines would have on daily operations and reimbursement.

Now, McBee is back at the 2020 NAHC PDGM Summits to help home health providers everywhere adapt and adjust to all aspects relating to the new reimbursement model, including clinical, operational, business analytics and financial topics.

You can find us at seven of the 12 summit locations for a total of 12 educational sessions on PDGM. See below for the session description and session schedule, including location, time and topic and presenter for each session, and click the button to register for a PDGM Summit close to you. This is an event you won’t want to miss!


March 30

Boston Area, MA

  • Business Analytics – Stavros Katsifis, Advisory Consulting Manager, McBee

Seattle, WA

  • Clinical – Carissa McKenna, RN, BSN, COS-C, HCS-D, Senior Clinical Consulting Manager, McBee

April 1

Riverside, CA

  • Finance – Jeff Aaronson, Director, Advisory Consulting, McBee

April 7

Columbus, OH

  • Finance, Operations – Keith Boroch, Vice President, Consulting, McBee

Salt Lake City, UT

  • Finance, Operations – Mike Dordick, President, McBee

April 8

New Orleans, LA

  • Clinical – Carissa McKenna, RN, BSN, COS-C, HCS-D, Senior Clinical Consulting Manager, McBee
  • Business Analytics – Stavros Katsifis, Advisory Consulting Manager, McBee

April 14

Philadelphia Area, PA

  • Finance – Keith Boroch, Vice President, Consulting, McBee
  • Operations – Mike Dordick, President, McBee
  • Business Analytics – Maria Warren, Director, Episode Management, McBee



PDGM has required HHAs to examine overall operations structure and day-to-day management. Changes were needed throughout HHAs to meet the demands of PDGM. HHAs must quickly determine what is working and what is falling short of their expectations. Any needed modifications in operations must be put in place sooner rather than later to thrive under PDGM. Operational areas most affected by PDGM include referral and sales management, intake, revenue cycle, operational reporting, and order and supply management. Change management must be handled throughout your organization. This session focuses on the operational practices that have demonstrated early success and long-term potential for fully positive outcomes.

Business Analytics

Increasingly, HHAs are recognizing the value of robust reliable business analytics in managing the change to PDGM. Real time data availability and early analysis of the key performance indicators in PDGM are important ingredients to early success in PDGM. This program is a deep dive into the early key data analytics that can help define whether your organization is on track for PDGM success or whether corrective action is needed. Through the assistance of IT and EMR partners across the country, this program will offer an intensely valuable first look at PDGM action and outcomes within the overall HHA community. That impact analysis and useful benchmark data can help guide your agency to success in CY 2020 and beyond.


Thriving (or even surviving) under the PDGM payment reform requires a clear understanding of how PDGM is affecting the financial outcomes of a home health agency. This session explores the fundamental steps necessary for home health agencies to assess whether the initiatives taken to prepare for PDGM are in place and working, the options for mid-course corrections in PDGM financial management, trends in the impact of PDGM, cash flow remedies, and planning for 2021.


PDGM has triggered a re-examination of clinical practices within HHAs nationwide. Documentation, diagnosis coding, care planning and care coordination are at the top of the list of best practice clinical strategies that have been employed. Are your changes resulting in the best outcomes? This session focuses on the lessons learned in Q1 in blending clinical practice and financial management to achieve the best patient and business outcomes in the new world created by PDGM.