Why You Should Pay Close Attention to the Proposed HHGM Regulation
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19 September 2017 - 1:00, by , in Blog, Post Acute, Comments off

This summer, CMS unveiled an overhaul to the Medicare payment system – a new home health groupings model (HHGM) to replace the current Home Health Prospective Payment System.  This proposed model is now the most significant transformation looming over the home health industry since 2000.  Not only does it substantially change episode timing, but also creates six new clinical groups to categorize patients based on their primary reason for home health care.

In this video, Mike Dordick, Executive Vice President, Principal, evaluates the key areas of impact and the challenges associated with the new model as its proposed today.


McBee continues to advocate for the home health industry and ensures that you have the insights you need to understand the proposed HHGM. The deadline for commentary on the proposed rule is on September 25. Make your voice heard.

To help give you a visual impact on the key elements of HHGM, we created an infographic for you to download.

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